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Beat Time

Custom Beatles Beat Time Pinball Game.

Groundup Restored with everything redone.
This how the Williams Beat Time Game should have looked like.

Custom made Neon Clock

Supply a artwork for the center of the clock or we can make one up for you.

You also can use 18 letter on top and 16 letters on the bottom of the clock in your choice of colors.

Custom made Pinball - Your choice on a pinball!

We can take your business artwork and make a pinball out of it. The price depends on your budget. Pick a vintage type game and the price is cheaper.

Price no object, we can custom made a new dot matrix game for you.

Custom Muscle Car Cafe Pinball Machine

Own a Muscle car you love.

Well how about seeing your pride and joy on this game. We put your car and other like it in the parking lot of The Muscle Car Cafe along with artwork all over the game.

The Utlimate collectible for the car nut in your life.

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