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Loch Ness Monster Head

This was the last game for Game Plan. Only 1 was made. I got the game from Joe Kaminkow who designed the game. This game was far ahead of it's time and it is a shame it was never made, it would have saved the company.

Loch Ness Monster Playfield

This is the design of the Playfield notice the ramp and holigram area. What future game does this remind you of. Remember this is 1982.

Aron Milshan Custom Pinball

Here is a special custom pinball based on the Star Trek Game for the director. It was made in a solid oak cabinet.

Cue Pinball

The last game from Stern Pinball in the 1980's. Only 2 or 3 were made and never saw the light of day. The one or two that are left are far from perfect as they were not made that well.

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